Apr 17 -

Directed by Julian Ungano & Tommy Agriodimas

Director of Photography Tommy Agriodimas

Starring Paz de la Huerta


“Isabella” is the story of Isabella Rosso, a wealthy young movie star who has dedicated her life to the love and sanctity of marriage with her fiancé Carlo. Isabella, played by Emmy Award winning actress Paz de la Huerta, has been left at the alter by Carlo on their wedding day who is never to be seen again. As Isabella returns to her estate to escape, we witness a series of emotions. Confused, alone and desperately in love Isabella tries to overcome the sadness and heartbreak but ultimately succumbs to the depression and takes her own life.

Styled by Danielle Nachmani
Hair by Laura Polko
Make Up by Natasha Smee

Cut and Graded by Matt Gajewski

Zach Adams

Tim Doyon
Daisy Johnson

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